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Senior Manager Technology - Java

at Sapient Corporation

Posted: 4/11/2018
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 233858

Job Description

At Sapient Global Markets, we are quiteliterally on the front lines of the biggest issues facing the global marketsleaders today -- investment banks, asset management firms, wealth managers, oiland energy firms, and government and regulatory agencies. Drivingtransformation and leading change within these industries requires big thinkerswho bring insight, knowledge, technical acumen and passion for innovation. Whatwe offer is the opportunity to join a recognized leader in developing anddelivering groundbreaking solutions for today's dynamic global marketplace andan award-winning culture that fosters growth and leadership. Choose to be aTroublemaker -- challenge the status quo, innovate, disrupt and seize theopportunity to transform yourself. All this while having fun along the way!

Job Title:
Senior Manager Technology - Java

Job Summary:

Senior Manager Technology drives the translation and construction of aclient's business problems into innovative technology solutions by creating andowning the technical vision of multiple projects and ensuring that the visionis achieved with a high level of quality. Individual is also responsible todrive client relationship, mentoring and coaching people and providingtechnology- related thought leadership, including supporting sales activities

Architecture & Design
  • Ensures consistency inarchitecture design across several projects in an account
  • Responsible for design andarchitecture for a portfolio of small to medium size projects
  • Works with one or more designteams and clients to create the needed artifacts
  • Responsible for creating theNonfunctional requirements based on the business needs
  • Responsible for choosing theneeded technology stack based on the functional, non-functional requirementsand based on other factors like client drivers, environment and feasibility
  • Responsible for identifying anddesigning dependencies with other systems in the enterprise

Development & Support
  • Responsible for high qualitydelivery solutions across several projects as per functional and non-functionalrequirements
  • Defines quality and deliverymetrics for an account
  • Responsible for enforcingtechnology standards, best practices and approaches to be leveraged by the team
  • Establishes, enforces andmonitors steps of doneness for various types of activities that are done duringDevelopment and Maintenance phases of projects for quality of delivery
  • Leads team by example by gettinghands-on as required
  • Troubleshoots complex technicalissues on projects
  • Responsible for establishingSLA's and ensuring compliance in an account
  • Responsible for staffingarchitects and load balancing across projects
  • Ensures different dependenciesare tracked and resolved on time

Planning, Tracking and Estimation
  • Works with the team to create theestimates and plans for the projects
  • Can actively identify, manage,quantify and escalate risks to various internal and external stakeholdersacross the accounts
  • Evaluates the LOE, complexity andrisks associated in adding scope items or new tracks of work and establishesthe scope management process
  • Takes on several operationsaspects of the account, like Staffing key talent

Client Management
  • Represent the organization incustomer-facing communication related to Sapient' s technical expertise
  • Assess the relationship statuswith key clients, get periodic feedback from client and derive correctiveactions as a confidence-building exercise, negotiate potentially contentioustopics with clients, manage escalations from and to clients
  • Interacts with senior clienttechnologists to create technology standards, specifications as needed for theaccount
  • Identifies choices and tradeoffsinvolved in designing and implementing a solution and communicates them to theclient
  • Raises technical design andimplementation issues in the projects and drives resolution with the client
  • Participates and runs clientworkshops like fusions

Team and People Management
  • Manage a portfolio of small tomedium sized teams from setting the vision to successful execution and resolveissues and dependencies in the teams independently
  • Review the key objectives ofprojects and clarify the linkage of tasks to the overall objectives
  • Responsible for coaching,performance assessment, growth planning for the senior technology members in anaccount
  • Effectively communicate thecompany strategy, important events etc. to the team on a periodic basis
  • Coach and mentor the team to helpdeliver to the client expectation
  • Actively participate in, andassists with, company events such as hiring, training and internal initiatives
  • Drive knowledge sharing lessonslearned from project experiences
  • Manage the balance between clientdemands and the teams work-life balance Act as review owner for at least oneproject outside his set of project portfolio

Thought Leadership
  • Supports capability building forthe organization (through tutorials, white papers etc.)
  • Develops and promotes architecturalbest practices and standard
  • Stays abreast with the currentaffairs like leading packages and vendors, forthcoming architectures andtrends, and existing and forthcoming standards
  • Invests in learning and settingup POCs around products that are relevant for the account Drives thoughtleadership within the account
  • Shares personal knowledge throughcoaching and mentoring, in addition to participating and running knowledgesharing and community building activities

Experience Guidelines
  • 12 to 16 years of experience

Skill Requirements

Core Java, Java - Spring Framework, J2EE, Java - ORM, Swing, Java - WebPresentation Frameworks, Java - Messaging Implementation, Java Web Services,SQL Development Languages, Planning/Execution & Tracking, Scoping andEstimating, Data Modeling, High Availability and Failover Applications, HighThroughput / Transaction Application, Logical Architecture Design, OOAD andUML, Package / Vendor Selection, Performance / Capacity Planning, Word, Excel,Visio, Powerpoint

  • Describes and contrasts OO principles,designing to interfaces, high-cohesion, low-coupling and GoF design patterns,and designs/codes using these
  • Describes code quality in detailand re-factors bad code in medium/high complexity situations
  • Delivers high-quality technologysolution as per functional and non-functional requirements
  • Establish, enforce and monitorsteps of doneness for various types of activities that are done duringDevelopment and Maintenance phases of a project for quality of delivery
  • An ability to enforce technologystandards, best practices and approaches to be leveraged by the team
  • Designs and codes mediumcomplexity applications leveraging advanced Java 1.5 or above features likeSerialization, Cloning, Annotations, Generics, NIO, RMI, Sockets, JDBC, JSF, SWINGand Multi-Threading
  • Is able to develop persistencelayer using JPA or any other ORM framework
  • Describes XML Schema, variousparsers, their usage, pros/cons of each, and uses these as appropriate
  • Follows TDD for development andwrites units tests leveraging frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, JMocketc. for extensive unit-testing and high code coverage
  • Profiles an application, readsthread dumps, GC logs to measure application performance Is able to leverageMDBs and manage synchronous/asynchronous modes of messaging implementationsusing JMS
  • Deploy application for at leastone Web and/or Application Server. Demonstrates ability to use Caching forperformance improvement at the server-side keeping following aspects in mind(refresh strategy, cache size, caching algorithm used etc.)
  • Shows an ability to write complexSQL queries and stored procedures and improve performance of queries byapplying techniques like explain plan, creating an index, changing data-type,refactoring/consolidating the query, optimization utilities (tkprof, trace)etc.
  • Describes DB locking, transactionmanagement features and codes accordingly creates low to medium complexitybuild/release scripts
  • Demonstrates ability to writescripts to report system performance (CPU, memory, processes, threads/LWPs,file descriptors, network statistics etc.)
  • Plays a key role in the creationof logical architecture diagrams for at least two complex applications and/orsystems
  • Captures the various tiers of thearchitecture and models them in the diagram along with the various externalsystems and interfaces that the application interacts within the environment
  • Accurately maps use cases andrequirements to the components in the logical architecture diagram and furtherdown to the packaging and deployment diagram
  • Can identify use cases that needto be detailed to create a logical architecture diagram and can identifyEnterprise Architecture patterns to be leveraged in the Logical ArchitectureDesign
  • Drives the creation of variousarchitectural artifacts using UML notation. Demonstrates ability for choosingthe needed technology stack based on the functional, non-functionalrequirements and based on other factors like client drivers, environment and feasibility
  • Has hands-on experience in atleast 2 project execution models (Agile, Scrum, Iterative, Waterfall...)
  • Conducts core activities ofplanning and tracking such as setting up a plan in the Plan Tool or the chosenproject management tool for the project, assigning stories to iterations (ifrelevant), and managing the plan in terms of issue/dependency tracking andmilestones. Demonstrate the ability to understand business problem, budget,priority of scope items and manage scope & change management process
  • Demonstrate the ability to carryout top-down estimates and validate with a bottom-up estimate and carry outeffective reviews on estimation and plan
  • Leads activities for decomposingrequirements into associated stories or other relevant subunits
  • Demonstrate the ability to scanacross the portfolio for patterns in learning's related to quality and educatethe project team on these learning's during the initial review. Demonstrate theability to Act as review owner for at least 1 project beyond the account andreview member for 1 project preferably
  • Demonstrates the ability toensure that Individual objectives are established keeping the focus of theindividual's development needs. Demonstrates the ability to set a vision withthe team and effectively motivate to deliver to that vision
  • Demonstrate an ability to addressnon-performance within the team (improvement plan, back fill, coach etc.)
  • Ability to manage the balancebetween client demands and the teams work-life balance
  • Set up a client relationship map,create and execute a client relationship development strategy and plan, setupand drive executive level communications and negotiate expectations withclients and hold them accountable. Shows an ability to develop and manage arisk management plan and process for risk assessment at account or programlevel
  • Articulate the understanding ofOnsite / offshore / blended rate structure, GDD expenses, project expenses etc.
  • Contribute in a proposal strategydiscussion, lead a Pitch team delivering a response for an RFP response (for asmall to medium size pitch), create an initial draft of the contract and engagethe legal team and get all roadblocks resolved and contribute to sections ofthe Master Service Agreement
  • Provides expertise on how newtechnology trends might apply to client situations

Business Knowledge:
  • Financial services domainexperiences would be a plus

Personal Attributes:
  • Strong and innovative approach toproblem solving and finding solutions
  • Excellent communicator (written andverbal, formal and informal)
  • Flexible andproactive/self-motivated working style with strong personal ownership ofproblem resolution
  • Ability to multi-task underpressure and work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to prioritize when underpressure

  • UG - B.Tech/B.E. - AnySpecialization, B.Sc. - Any Specialization, BCA -- Computers
  • PG - M.Sc. - Any Specialization,MCA - Computers, M.Tech - Any Specialization

Projects this role will support:
  • Investment banking / CapitalMarket Clients

About Global Markets:

Sapient Global Markets, a part of Publicis.Sapient, is a leading providerof services to today's evolving financial and commodity markets. We provide afull range of capabilities to help our clients grow and enhance theirbusinesses, create robust and transparent infrastructure, manage operatingcosts, and foster innovation throughout their organizations. We offer servicesacross Advisory, Analytics, Technology, and Process, as well as uniquemethodologies in program management, technology development, and processoutsourcing. Sapient Global Markets operates in key financial and commoditycenters worldwide, including Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt,Houston, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Singapore, Washington D.C. andZurich, as well as in large technology development and operations outsourcingcenters in Bangalore, Delhi, and Noida, India. For more information, visit

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