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Water Blaster

at MPW Industrial Services

Posted: 8/21/2018
Job Status: Full-Time/Regular
Job Reference #: 1944
Categories: Other/General

Job Description

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Job Description


  1. The purpose of this position is to perform water-blasting work for MPW, Facility Support Services.


    1. Works in an efficient and safe manner at all times.
    2. Performs tote and/or other cleaning as directed by their supervisor or operations manager including, totes, cleans residue from underneath equipment, cover area cleaned with plastic and/or paper to enhance cleaning efforts, cleans “paint grates” and “other accessories” through a process of water blasting, sets up water blasters and changes nozzles and guns as required and performs maintenance on the water blast equipment as required and/or as scheduled.
    3. Keeps work areas and break areas in the cleanest possible condition.
    4. Perform other duties as directed.


  1. This person is responsible for performing the hands on work water blasting for MPW, Facility Support.
  2. This person must have strength and endurance to withstand constant force of the blast gun.
  3. Ensuring the “job” gets done in the time frame established, and the quality of the work meets or exceeds the expected standards of the customer. Also, because of the extreme danger in operating the blast equipment, remaining alert and safety conscience at all times.
Required Skills


  1. Ability to carry/lift up to 75 lbs.
  2. Ability to maintain a consistent workload that involves heavy manual labor.
  3. Ability to maintain alertness and acuity that is not typically impaired by any medication, diet, or physical condition.
  4. Ability to bend, stoop, squat, sit and maneuver in confined spaces.
  5. Ability to wear respirators in environments that may expose you to chemicals, fumes, etc.
  6. Ability to maintain workloads that may include travel to a variety of states for days or weeks, and daily timeframes that could exceed the typical 8-hour shift.
Required Experience


  1. High School Diploma or Equivalent preferred.
  2. Some High School Education acceptable.
  3. Understanding of mechanical concepts and applications.
  4. Ability to interact with others and effectively communicates with them.
  5. 6 months experience in an entry-level operations position with an industrial service related company.
Job Location
Chesterfield, Michigan, United States
Position Type